Funka Accessibility Days

Funka Accessibility Days is northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. We are proud to welcome some of the world´s leading experts on web accessibility to the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden.

We are constantly developing the programme for the Accessibility Days to make it even better. If you have any tips or ideas for themes or speakers, please share them with us.

The basic set-up of the conference is plenary sessions on regulations, legislation and standardisation at a national and international level. Moreover, we always have a global outlook to teach us how accessibility issues work in other countries.

We also have parallel sessions where you can concentrate on content, design, navigation, and how visitors perceive information. Or you can focus on technology, developer issues, testing tools and assistive technology.

The conference also includes an exhibition where you can test assistive technology, meet end users, look at new solutions and follow exciting research projects. For next year, we also plan speed dating with our best consultants!

The program is interpreted to and from Swedish and English, Swedish sign language and written transcription.



Ivan Hellström

Title: Sales Representative


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