CEOs corner

CEO of Funka, Susanna Laurin, writes about accessibility in everyday life and on a strategic level, and lets herself be fascinated by all the unexpected things that happen when you work at Funka.

Susanna Laurin is a true humanist with a soloist’s diploma in recorder and an international musical career in parallel to her work at Funka. She has been engaged in disability issues for many years and is strongly committed for the right of each individual.

  • Thanks for another amazing year!

    Another year of accessibility work is coming to an end. Funkas’ CEO Susanna Laurin writes about the importance of positive feedback and the need to give appreciation to those who do the right thing.
  • Between hope and despair

    Monitoring and possible fines can be a driving force for accessibility. But at the same time, threats can mean that services are taken down. How do we make sure that legislation increases accessibility?
  • Make sure accessibility is afloat

    Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin sees similarities between working with accessibility and taking care of a wooden boat. Both activities require patience and the results can make many people happy.
  • Germany Inclusion Days in Berlin

    The International Day of Disabled Persons keeps us busy in all our markets. This year we contribute to the Inclusion Days program in Berlin, Germany.
  • It's time to put our feet down!

    A judicial precedent now allows for a tighter interpretation of the Swedish law on support and services for certain disabled people. This may mean that many people lose their right to personal assistance. Do we really want people to be denied a worthy life on equal terms with others?
  • Accessible summer greetings

    As the sun glistens in the ocean, the birds wake me up in the early mornings and life gets a little easier once sunshine and warm weather turn our latitudes into paradise, a report on digitization makes me even more happy.
  • The eternal question of cost

    Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin reports from an EU conference on accessibility and legislation in Brussels. The focus is, as usual, on the economy.
  • To recycle consultants

    Two of our very competent consultants have tried their wings with our clients and then chosen to come back to Funka. Naturally, we're very excited and we've asked Oskar and Karin to tell us a little bit about their experiences.
  • 10 years with the UNCRPD

    Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin ponders what we celebrate on the international day of persons with disabilities. Accessibility seems - more than ever - a moving target.
  • An international perspective on accessibility

    Funkas CEO Susanna Laurin is reporting on an exciting meeting of experts from all over the world, at the US Access Board in Washington.
  • There’s hope for the future

    The CEO of Funka, Susanna Laurin's reflections on the situation for people with disabilities face in the world today.
  • While we are enjoying it

    Funka CEO Susanna Laurin considers trends in accessibility and the fact that we no longer have much time to reflect.
  • When technology can make a difference

    Different safety and technology aspects are being brought up as arguments against e-voting, but these problems must be possible to overcome. Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin takes some time to reflect upon the democratic perspective of e-voting and today's broad lack of accessibility.
  • A mutual admiration society

    Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin questions why accessibility and user experience experts are so eager to talk to people with similar opinions. Would it not be better to let different views and opinions meet to bring about change?
  • Sunny days, but no time to be lazy

    We look back at a hectic period and look forward to even more work. But first of all, we will enjoy the summer holidays.
  • Discussion on turning radius is missing the point

    Since a few months back, a debate whether the turning radius requirement should be 150 or 130 centimetres has been going on in the Nordic countries. As usual, we have a clear opinion at Funka: that is not the point!
  • Good for all...?

    Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin rejoices in the fact that design for all really works in our everyday life.
  • Funka Christmas letter

    Susanna Laurin, CEO of Funka, sums up a busy year. A year of continued growth, continued expansion in Norway and a new office in Madrid.
  • Why WCAG is not enough

    It is leaning towards legislation on web accessibility in the EU. Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin takes a closer look at what the guidelines that almost everyone is pointing towards actually entail for the users.