Thanks for another amazing year!

It's hard not to nag about legislation these days, but I am trying to focus elsewhere. While 2018 is coming to an end, we can look back to a year where we had the privilege of performing many exciting assignments, far from the legislation issues.

With a business ranging from strategic policy development and standardization to code-level details and extremely nerdy research, it's easy to lose the overview. So much happens simultaneously, how are anyone of us supposed to keep track of everything? And at Funka, we are of course just a small piece of the big puzzle of accessibility.

Wise decision makers, skilled procurers, competent suppliers and ambitious editors, loads of smart developers and creative designers are needed, but furthermore, people who care are needed. People who realise that each of us can have a great impact on others. Digitization is not about technology, it's about people.

When we meet end users, we see the concrete outcome of our work, each individual whose life becomes a little bit easier makes it clear that it is worth all the trouble. We do really get a lot of appreciation for the work we do, which is amazing.

But many of our nice and hardworking customers and partners can - or at least so I believe - rarely know how the improvements they have made come true are experienced. How big the difference was when they made that almost invisible button bigger, how much easier it is now when all unnecessary steps have been taken out, that it's actually possible to understand the instruction now when it is re-written ... how often do the users tell the responsible about that? And how often will the praise be forwarded to all those who have been involved?

I hope that all of you who argue and fight for, or create and design, better accessibility will have appreciation and encouragements as Christmas gifts. You are definitely worth it!

And for those who can’t wait for a reference to the Web Accessibility Directive, there is one that fits well: the feedback mechanism. It can also be used for thumbs up, not only complaints.

Susanna Laurin
CEO, Funka