Funka Christmas letter

Suddenly we stand with offices in three countries and extensive research, steady expansion, and a diploma from the Swedish business newsletter Dagens Industri where it says that we are a once again receiving an award as fast growing “Gazelle” company. Sometimes I need to pinch my arm to realize that this all really happening.

2013 was the year when we opened the Madrid office. Moreover, it was the year when the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) that we are co-founding, finally started to be a reality. We have worked internationally for many years, but this year we have assembled research consortia and received assignments outside Scandinavia to an extent we have not previously had the resources to do. It is incredibly exciting and very stimulating.

In Norway, we see the demand for advice and audits are steadily increasing. Therefore, we extended last fall the Norwegian consultant capacity by 100% and that will not be enough. Our strategic assignment for the supervisory authority Difi on measurement methodology and guidance material regarding the law on discrimination and accessibility has positioned us well in the Norwegian market.

And at the headquarters in Sweden, it is more fun than ever. Not least because 2013 was the year when our ideologue became an industrial PhD at the Royal Technical University in Stockholm, KTH, focusing in cognitive accessibility criteria. Our client assignments evolve to become increasingly strategic, and our activities in the built environment have received a major boost. It really feels like we are doing good, both for our customers and end user individuals.

When things get stressful I tend to wonder if maybe we should try to focus on one or two things instead. Do only what is easiest. Or only the things where we make the most money. Or just do what our customers asks for, without lengthy discussions and posing new questions, demanding real world testing before any decision is made.

But then it would not be really Funka any longer. And it would not be nearly as fun for us.

We do hope that you will have restful and enjoyable holidays and that we will have the privilege to continue working with you next year as well!

Susanna Laurin, Funka