Sunny days, but no time to be lazy

After a little more than a year from the opening, the Madrid office feels as if it was always part of Funka. We have succeeded in mixing our four official business languages into something everyone more or less understand, and we are enjoying the inspiration from cultural clashes and laughing at our own misinterpretations.

The focus on Horizon 2020 and other European research funding has been more or less the only theme of discussion with the Madrid staff during the first four months of this year. We can now all raise our heads and look a bit further afield.

The first year in Madrid has been both successful and creative, with interesting assignments and challenging projects. Even though there is much left to do to make the world more accessible, we are happily aware of the fact that things do move forward on the political as well as the commercial arena.

This is the first summer in many years where we are not testing and auditing a large amount of websites in Europe on behalf of our customers. Instead, we are going to spend time on two highly relevant issues which we have decided the set up ourselves: 

Because of the general election in Sweden this fall, we will dig deep into the accessibility of the political parties’ websites; how can one search and receive information, and what are the possibilities for all citizens to vote independently. Unfortunately, the human right for all citizens to be able to take part in the democratic process is often forgotten, or at least not really taken care of.

In parallel, we will let persons with disabilities use shopping websites and digital payment methods, in order to learn how these sites actually work with assistive technology. Last time we did a similar test, only a small amount was spent on the shopping, simply because it was so difficult to make it work. There is of course always a risk that we end up with loads of improbable and unnecessary goods at the office.

As soon as we find out something interesting, we will let you know…

We wish all our customers and colleagues a fantastic and accessible summer!

Susanna Laurin