While we are enjoying it

Early summer used to be a time for reflection at Funka. When our international conference is over and most of our clients are thinking of their holidays, historically we have had a calmer period. That means we have been able to get much work done internally and at the same time had the opportunity of resting a bit ahead of the autumn activities. But for the last few years that is no longer the case. Nowadays we are always busy with assignments right through the summer and June is one of our best months. That is nothing to complain about, but when will we ever have the opportunity to take a breath and think things through?

At the moment we run no less than ten parallel research- and innovation projects at a national and European level. We develop products and services, explore new areas for us and we are fascinated by the differences between people and the opportunities of technology. At least two of the projects we are involved in are so extensive that they could change our whole business in terms of direction and focus.

Our customer assignments are as exciting as ever. We are privileged to work with some of the world's wisest customers who really want to create good solutions that can be used by everyone. I think it is the wide scope that makes us never tire. One day, we test signs, conduct an inventory of a submarine and develop apps. Another day, we examine symbols, design new web features and produce Braille, while providing strategic support to the European Commission and investigate on how information technology can help homeless in their contacts with the community.

At least three clear trends are visible:

  • The risk or chance of more regulations ands common standards on accessibility means a lot means a lot of drowsy suppliers now request training and testing
  • More and more people see the big picture, they want solutions that take a broader approach than just web accessibility
  • The international exchange of ideas becomes ever more fruitful, not least through the international trade association IAAP and our many partners all over the world

At the same time accessibility is business as usual for many of our clients. Large and small problems need solving, preferably before the summer holidays. There is simply no time to reflect on the state of things, we will have to leave that for another day.

We hope that all of you who follow us will enjoy wonderful summer days and that you will return in the fall with renewed vigour to create better interfaces, communication and built environment. Hopefully together with us!

Susanna Laurin, Funka