Funka profile of the month: Henrik Juhlin

Funka’s employees have a great engagement in society, also beyond the disability field. Some like to share their commitments, and this time we’d like to present Henrik Juhlin, one of our skillful developers, who spends a lot of his spare time in local politics.

Henrik Juhlin

Title: Web Developer

It all started with political discussions at the kitchen table, but around the time Sweden voted on joining the EU, Henrik decided it was time to do more than that. To hand out flyers, go to meetings and meet like-minded. That resulted in a spot in the municipal executive committee.

I realized that if you are interested, dedicated and well prepared you can influence the decisions made in the municipality.

After the latest local government election, Henrik got the opportunity to be part of the committee on democracy, to him an honorary task. He soon realized he was the one with the greatest knowledge in accessibility, skills that were quickly put into use.

Already after a few meetings there was a case on digital citizen propositions and I thought that the case was completely lacking an accessibility perspective. I was very proud when I managed to change the case to include accessibility.

Henrik would like to continue working with democracy and equality. He is hoping to be able to use his expert skills in accessibility to influence the local politicians in his municipality, but also to improve disability politics at regional as well as national level.

In addition, I focus on matters regarding climate, bicycle riding and in particular, the handling of chemicals.

With two young children, a demanding full time job and a large interest in photography one might wonder how Henrik can make it all fit into a schedule, and what his family thinks of his political engagement.

Many meetings happen in the evenings, but both I and my wife are lucky to have flexible managers. It is of course a pity that we take turns in being at home in the evenings, but I guess you’ll have to see it as a hobby and that I spend time with friends. That way it’s not too bad.


How a municipality is ruled. The highest decision-making body of a municipality is the municipality assembly (the “parliament”of the municipality). The members of the municipal assembly are appointed through municipal election every fourth year. The municipality is also ruled by a number of committees and the municipal executive committee. For example, there is the education committee that is responsible for controlling that schools are ruled according to directives from the municipality assembly. The municipal executive committee is the executing and coordinating organ of the municipality.

The committee on democracy is an assembly committee whose task is to enforce the municipal democracy and they work for the employees and inhabitants of the municipality to be able to work in an equal society fostering equal service and participation, influence of children and youths, health, human rights and that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.