Funka profile of the month: Marcos Flores

Staff at Funka are often involved in community, even outside the disability field. Some of our employees want to share their commitments, first up is BrowseAloud expert Marcos, who is engaged in a local and yet international football team.

I remember when I was a child, I used to go and watch when my dad stood in the way of the goal, a slightly fat man with zero ball feeling, Marcos laughs. During my childhood I have been playing on and off for the club.

Marcos has gradually taken a more active role in the association, he is now a member of the board and try to improve the club for the youth. From only having had an A and a B team, they now have over 150 children in the club. Despite his – in this context - "high" age (34) Marcos is still an active player.

Community and responsibility

That sport is considered educational is no news. One reason that football works well in community building is that it is easy to get started and relatively inexpensive. You really only need a ball ...

I want to believe that football has made me who I am today. My parents' involvement made me stick to football instead of hanging out in town, says Marcos. As soon as we had club clothes on, we represented the club and we got hard directives for how we should behave.

It is clear that the team has to do with much more than the sport itself. Marcos's goal is for the association to grow and become larger, and his own engagement has shifted from seniors to young people.

The most important thing is that everyone is a team when playing. Of course we experience discussions and fuss, but it is very rare. When you stand side by side and try to win together, you do not see different cultures or religions. The sense of belonging created in the team is very strong and hopefully makes our youth growing up without hatred towards different cultures and religions.

Marcos Flores

The club is now called FC Arlanda and have players aged from 7 to 45 years. In the club there are many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, including Swedes, Chileans, Syrians and Turks.

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