Funka profile of the month: Peter Pettersson

The employees at Funka all have a great commitment to social issues, even beyond the issues regarding accessibility. Some of our colleagues want to share their experiences, and the turn has come to Peter, one of our talented sales representatives, who has tried most things when it comes to volunteer work.

Peter Pettersson

Title: Sales Representative

Peter has been engaged in different non-profits for most of his life, something he attributes to his parents.

I've had a very positive upbringing in Sweden and been part of a generous family. That has given me both the disposition and will to help others.

Peter looked to the Red Cross in order to use his skills in sales for a positive cause.

There are a ton of good people who want to donate money, but unfortunately few do it spontaneusly - to actually ask them is therefore paramount and people are actually grateful to be asked (the ones who want to donate, at least).

But this wasn't enough for Peter, who started a non-profit of his own, with the goal of helping children and youth recieve education. The organization collected money for school supplies, which the founders then distributed on their own to schools and families in Marocco, Tunisia, Gambia and India.

It's not that unusual that people in sales start their own companies and are good with money. But for a sales rep to start a non-profit and then for that person to actually go to poor countries to work with the distribution of aid has to be pretty unusual.

I think that the education of children is the foundation in making the world a better place. The reason we chose to go to Africa and Asia is because small means can have great impact there.

The ambition was to reach the children of families of small means, a group that can be hard to get in touch with beforehand from Sweden. That made for some exciting and unpredictable trips.

One of my best memories is from Marocco. I rented a car there, went to a supermarket and packed the entire car full of school supplies. After that I, a bit naively, went miles out into the desert to see if I could find a school that looked like it might be in the need of a little help. One important detail for the story is that I don't speak a word of Arabic, French or Maroccan. Many donkeys later, I found a school. Both students and teachers were very welcoming, even though we weren't really able to communicate. When they showed me their "library", which consisted of around 10 books, I knew that my contribution would be of help.

At Funka, we percieve Peter as positive, kind and a little bit shy. But appearances can be decieving - he calls himself selectively extrovert and has performed as a juggler at festivals, parties and in talent contests in Swedish TV.

The most fun part of juggling is still just to be alone and practice - the performances aren't really something I look forward to, but it's always great when the audience appreciates it.