We see things differently but share the same feeling

During the days before the Funka Accessibility Days it’s all in at the Funka office. Everything has been carefully planned for months and now needs to get that finishing touch. Finally it’s time for our conference. We of course like for our material to be printed in different languages and in different types of writing, which means our printer room is very busy.

As I go to the printer room to get my printouts I run into my colleague, Jocke. He’s standing in front of a machine that I’ve never noticed before. It’s in some sort of locker and if I were to guess I’d say it was a back up station, router or some (after 25 years in the IT business) regular machine that everybody keeps in their printing room.

Jocke is angry, I can tell as soon as I walk into the room. He’s mumbling and seems very annoyed. He says:

- Ah, I need to get Chrille.

Chrille is our technician and he enters the room. He gives the machine a touch or two, talks to Jocke and pulls a couple of levers.

I can tell Jocke is getting more and more frustrated. He bursts out:

- Gaah, we can’t use these!

He hands me a pile of white paper.

- These are full of weird characters, he says despondently.

Jocke is visually impaired. His papers has a lot of bumps, it’s braille.

I think to myself that it can’t be that bad. It looks just like regular braille. But to be honest, I have no idea. I can’t read braille! I actually have no idea what those papers say or if something is wrong with them. But I know I would never hand out a brochure or a flyer with errors and weird characters.

I am very grateful for those 5 minutes in the printer room. We all have different fundamental conditions and this time I couldn’t do more than hold the lid of the waste paper container as Jocke disposed of the faulty papers.

We see things differently me and Jocke, but we share the same feeling. Quality is important; whether you see it or you feel it. Just think of the number of useless printers in the world!

PS. Many thanks to Polar Print that provided great service and a quick delivery when our braille printer broke down!

Jessica Martinsson