Danne Borell

Title: Expert in accessible pdfs and training instructor

My role at Funka

The exciting part of working at Funka is that you get to do many different things. I do technical audits of websites, work with accessible PDFs, educate, create audio descriptions and sometimes work as a photographer. Working at Funka means constantly evolving. I am certified Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS).

The driving force of the job

The positive atmosphere at Funka motivates me. Everyone tries their hardest to achieve something good and I want to be a part of that. Besides, training is really enjoyable. I am a bit shy but it is fun to meet people and teach something that I find interesting.

Previous jobs

Previously I worked as a Web Developer for a company in Stockholm. I have studied Japanese, that I am fluent in, and Korean, most of which I have forgotten, at Stockholm University, and taken a course in web development at Nackademin. That comes in handy when I do technical audits. The web development that is, not so much the Japanese.


I have many hobbies, perhaps too many? I write music, photograph, help in Bible classes in French, Skype with my girlfriend in Japanese, and like to play board games with friends when I have some spare time.