My role at Funka

In my role, I carry out research, collate facts and statistics, give support to various types of projects and perform some analysis for our consultancy services. I am in continuous contact with our project partners, and I also ensure that we meet the demands placed on applications and reporting. I am based at the main office in Stockholm, but I do just as much work with the Madrid office.

The driving force of the job

I am motivated by the belief that society can be made more inclusive and just. At the same time, I am convinced that attention to detail is a prerequisite for any effective movement for change. That is what makes Funka such an exciting place to work: here, we are focused on the big projects that span the globe, but also on what goes on in people’s everyday lives.

Previous jobs

Previously, I have worked as a market researcher with a focus on education issues, and for a while as a personal assistant. Between those jobs, I spent several years in Scotland and Germany studying political science, international relations and history.


When possible, I go travelling. When not possible, meeting a friend for a drink works almost as well. I like books, quizzes and languages, and I have done amateur theatre in German. I try to go running a few times a week, which in reality works out to a couple of times a month.