My role at Funka

I work as Art director.

The driving force of the job

I am really interested in the web, interaction design and how users navigate in digital media. As a designer I am an advocate for simplicity and purity and my ambition is to create a beautiful design that includes more than the exterior. It must be functional, easy to navigate and scalable. Besides I like the creative process where ideas are realised and I get really excited when working with creative people.

Previous jobs

I started out as an illustrator but I discovered that the thoroughness and the holistic approach in design interested me more. I have previously worked as an Art Director at Nobel Media and the website of the Nobel Prizes for 13 years. As an AD at Nobel Media I was responsible for all graphic material and worked among other things with corporate identity, designing for digital media, user testing, educational games and print material. I have also worked as a freelancing designer with logos, graphic identities, web design and designing patterns.


I grew up in Västerås west of Stockholm, but since 10 years I am happy to live in a small 30s house in south Stockholm. My interests are photography, interior decorating, building preservation, gardening and fashion. One of my favourite hobbies is printing and designing textiles. I also like looking for patterned textiles and china at flea markets.