My role at Funka

I'm responsible Marketing Communicator at Funka and handles all planning around Funka's network of municipalities.

The driving force of the job

By working at Funka I feel that we make a difference to individuals every day. That is a great feeling and my primary driving force.

Previous jobs

My last job was in news media; I was responsible for customer services, administration of networks and subscriptions. Working on a small editorial staff often means many different assignments. I did everything from designing ads, event planning, to being responsible for goodie-bags. In the role I also gave a helping hand to our Web Editor and assisted in developing our blog. I have previous work experiences in debt-collection, production, illustration and child-care, a mixed bag in different lines of business.


One of my main interests is healthy cooking. I like to spend my free time at the gym and hanging out with friends and family. Decorating is close to my heart and I like to re-decorate and paint. I love animals and if I am not at home you will find me in the stable.