My role at Funka

I work as assistant at Funka’s office in Oslo and take care of all things practical around the office, like sales administration, handle test groups, translate and write articles for Funka’s web. I have also demonstrated BrowseAloud to several Norwegian disability organisations. I try to keep everyone happy around the office and I gladly bring you coffee if you ask me nicely.

The driving force of the job

To be part of levelling out differences so that everyone can access information on the web. The possibility of being in an environment that lives and breathes universal design. The thought of never being too old to learn and new challenges every day keep the little grey cells in motion. Varying tasks, nice colleagues and a coffee maker at the office, need I go any further?

Previous jobs

Everything from selling tacos in Mexico, toll-collector as Oslo Airport, advertisement sales and a short sting as actor at theatres in Oslo. I am also a within a hair’s breadth of completing a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism.


I spent most of my time with my two lovely children and my beautiful senorita. I like movies, playing computer games or watching Top Gear on TV. The highlight for the family is staying in a mountain hut in Sweden or visiting the grandparents in Guadalajara in Mexico.