Joakim Centervik

Title: Tester and Training Instructor

My role at Funka

I review and analyse web sites and documents with different screen readers. I also participate in training sessions to demonstrate how it works in real life.

The driving force of the job

Thanks to the computer I have gained access to a large amount of information that I can perceive independently on my own. Previously that was hard or near to impossible for me as my sight is about as good as a mole’s. Therefore I am anxious to contribute so the Internet and digital information is accessible, for everyone naturally, but especially for persons with disabilities.

Previous jobs

Before coming to Funka I worked as Ombudsman at The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired, a teacher in music theory and as a musician.


Music, both playing and listening, is an important part of my life. Literature and other cultural activities also interest me. Besides culture, I like hanging out with old and new friends, walking and to spend time with my family.