My role at Funka

I work on the management of projects that are funded by the European Commission. I also help to promote Funka in the European and international research and innovation markets within the field of accessibility. 

The driving force of the job

The opportunity to make a difference in society by making it more accessible to those people at risk of exclusion. Accessibility is a transversal subject that allows us to work in a variety of different sectors across the globe helping to make both the digital world and built environment more accessible for people with disabilities.

Previous jobs

I started my career working as a business consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Madrid. After 4 years in consultancy, I moved to Malaga where I began to work in European projects for the first time. I joined the European project department at Malaga City Council working in the field of urban sustainability and city-to-city collaboration. More recently, I worked at the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based think tank and policy network, where I managed projects closely related to European digital innovation policy such as the promotion of electronic identification and trust service solutions for small businesses. I also have experience in the fields of active and healthy ageing, open science, smart cities, eGovernment and in the design and implementation of digital communication strategies.


Although I was born in the UK, I like to consider myself as being half Spanish as I have spent over 15 years living here. My passion is travelling. I love to discover new places, see the sights, meet the local people and (most importantly) enjoy the food. I love running, going to the gym and skiing in Sierra Nevada (Spain) when I get the opportunity. I have also recently started rock climbing and am keen to start surf lessons. As I live in Malaga on the southern coast of Spain, I have to make the most of the sea and beautiful nature!