José Angel Martínez Usero

Title: Responsible for European projects

My role at Funka

I work with promoting the participation of the company in international research and innovation projects, leading European initiatives and maintaining our international network of contacts with other organizations.

The driving force of the job

The quest of practical and market oriented innovation to facilitate the participation of people at risk of exclusion in the society. We cover a wide range of areas, from electronic initiatives in the field of eInclusion, eGoverment, eHeath and eLearning, to accessible built environment, smart cities and any horizontal activity with an accessibility component.

Previous jobs

I started my professional career in the field of libraries and information management. After some years I oriented my activity to education, being a university teacher in the field of web development and multimedia production. I the last years, I worked for the private sector, leading several European research projects, studies and networks in the field of ICT for people with disabilities, working for Technosite/ONCE Foundation (Spain).


I like everything related with nature and water, this is probably because I was born in Murcia countryside, a small region in the Spanish Mediterranean coast. I like cooking (my speciality is seafood paella and lentils with chorizo), walking "Tita" around Madrid , she is a loving black Spanish Water Dog, and talking with everybody. I love discovering cultural traditions, all kind of music, and dancing. I come from a very artistic family (my sister is an opera singer and my brother a theatre director).