My role at Funka

I help our clients publish accessible web content. My responsibility include

  • Auditing parts of or entire websites, sometimes specific texts
  • Speaking engagements
  • Being a trainer

The driving force of the job

I want to work with something that makes a difference, that improves conditions for the few or the many. I want to safeguard everyone’s equal worth. It should be self-evident that the public sector use a language that is understandable for all citizens. Seeing as this is not the case, I keep working.

Previous jobs

Accessibility has been a common theme throughout my entire career, which started in the 90’s at the Swedish Agency for Participation. I’m a journalist and have worked for a long time with understandable and easily readable language. Among others, at local papers and at the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media. As a project manager, I have worked for various disability organizations. I have also been a part in the inception of the service Teletal. These past four years, I have been working for the Swedish public service, primarily as a operations manager for the Audience Service, but also with accessibility issues. This year is my ten year anniversary at Funka.


I feel grateful for everything that life gives. After a period of too much (and the wrong kind of) stress, I now try to seize the day as it comes, whatever it may offer. Bold autumn colours, the crisp frost of a winter morning, the pure liveliness of spring or flowering summer meadows, there’s something beautiful to appriciate in all of them. I’ve always been interested in the things that make people feel good, and I have a Bachelor’s in Health Education. I have two fantastic children and a equally fantastic husband. I enjoy challenging myself, including physical ones. Next year, for example, I plan on doing a long distance triathlon, Ironman in Kalmar. Wanna join?