My role at Funka

I work as a Communications Officer. I am planning and responsible for Funka's digital newsletter and also for publishing news on Funka’s web and in social media. I write, proofread, edit and translate texts. In addition, I also work with the dissemination of results from the research projects Funka participates in.

The driving force of the job

I am a curious person who loves to learn new things, and to communicate knowledge and information to others. I make difficult concepts and reasoning understandable.

Accessibility is a democracy issue for me. Everyone must be able to share and participate in the IT community on the same terms as possible. Therefore, for me to be in a workplace with this goal in focus, is both joyful and very interesting.

Previous jobs

A red thread through my working life is and has been science communication. Previously, I worked at the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, with communication about production research. Prior to that, I worked at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, where I communicated research on architecture and building and environmental technology, ICT and marine biology. I also have experience with project management from the translation industry, as well as destination marketing.


I am somewhat of a nerd when it comes to popular science and science communication. I like visiting museum and science centers, and part of my experience is also to look at their choices of design and content.

I also like being out in nature, preferably on board a sailboat or in the woods.