Lars Samuelsson

Title: Accessibility and usability expert

My role at Funka

I help in auditing interfaces in order to increase usability and ensure that assistive technologies recieve all the information they need. I enjoy conducting workshops, where I share my experience from working in Public Service, and how to practically apply accessibility in the real world.

The driving force of the job

My driving force in all things is to show the importance of accessibility and make people understand that it is a necessity. Everyone should be able to take part of information and services present throughout our society.

Previous jobs

The last fifteen years, I’ve been working at SVT as a web developer, and for the last five, as the head of SVT’s efforts on accessibility in their online services.

I’ve been a part of developing SVT’s presence on the web to the level it is today, and I know the medium through-and-throught, thanks to my 20 years of experience in the field. I’ve been part of vastly different projects throuhout the years, which has given me different perspectives on how to use the medium and why. Some examples are: SVT Play, Bolibompa, the election coverage, Eurovision and the Olympics.


Apart from spending time with my family, I enjoy rock climbing and I like to visit snow-covered mountains and snowboard. I’m happiest when I’m outside, so when the opportunity arises, you’ll find me in the outdoors. In my next career I’ll be an arborist!