Linus Ersson

Title: Accessibility and User Experience Expert

My role at Funka

I’m an interaction designer and accessibility expert.

The driving force of the job

My driving force is the feeling of making life easier for people with different disabilities. I have a son with Asperger Syndrome and I’m active in several networks, especially focusing on school related queries. Being part of developing digital tools and the web to be more accessible for all people no matter of their abilities is very exciting.

Previous jobs

My last job was as an interaction and service designer at Healthcare Guide 1177, Sweden's national hub for health and healthcare. Before that I worked for 15 years with a small company, Råbe och Kobberstad AB, developing software for addiction treatment and social services in Sweden and Norway. I was part of building the company from scratch and was responsible for requirements management, interaction and graphic design and also did some education and programming.

Fundamentally I’m an artist and ceramist with a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from Konstfack, University College of Art, Crafts and Design. I’m still active as an artist on the side and for me these two worlds have enriched and been an asset to each other.


Music, especially live, is my big source of inspiration, but also other types of culture. Movies, dance, design and of course all sorts of art.

My son just started high school with a game development orientation and over the years me and him have drawn riddles, made computer games, recorded stop motion movies and sewed scary Halloween costumes.