My role at Funka

As CEO, I consider it my role to create the best possible conditions for us at Funka to work together towards our vision and our goals.

The driving force of the job

I’ve always worked in the cross-section between business and IT and I’m driven by simplifying and making things smarter, using IT. We’re currently experiencing an extremely fast phased development where technology, automation and data-driven solutions create completely new opportunities and products, an incredibly exciting time! My driving force at Funka is that we, in everything we do, will commit to ensuring that digitization becomes available to everyone.

Previous jobs

My most recent position was with KPMG, where I was responsible for the Advisory area Digital Transformation & Innovation. We were a wonderful group of consultants who delivered assignments within, for example, IT strategy, customer experience, innovation, information security, system procurement, project reviews and automation. Before that, I worked with implementation of the ERP system Movex/M3 at Intentia/Lawson.


When I’m not working, you find me spending time with family and friends, practicing spinning and yoga, walking my dog Indra in the forest, playing bridge or catching a movie as well as testing a new restaurant.