My role at Funka

I am an Account Manager for the Swedish and Finnish markets.

The driving force of the job

To feel needed and in an educational and consulting manner offer services that I believe in. Above all, to do it at a company that helps people and organisations with different needs and challenges - it's a development process that appeals to me.

Previous jobs

I have worked with qualified sales in various industries and companies since 1990.

My longest and so far most rewarding sales role has been the link between businesses and various universities in Finland. My customers were organisations, authorities, companies and associations, etc. A job that was very rewarding and educational, which gave me the opportunity to come very close to my customers and their lives. The knowledge and insights I received then are very helpful in my role at Funka.


I am a mother of 3 children, cat owner and motorcyclist. We have 7 cats, all of which require their attention. I have had the privilege of living in several different countries, mostly in Africa, most recently in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

South Africa is my "second home", my family and I travel there more or less regularly every year. I read a lot, love historical movies and costume drama. I like going on motorcycle tours with my husband and our biker friends ... .. and of course I love to take a sauna!