Natalia Allegretti

Title: Project Manager for European Projects

My role at Funka

My principal responsibilities are related to all the activities concerning the EU contractual and work-related project issues. This covers orchestration of the consortium contributions, content management, financial reporting, administrative management, organization of dissemination activities and results exploitation modelling. I am also supporting the preparation and submission of EU project proposals, including the definition and involvement of the appropriate partnership. 

The driving force of the job

The promotion of independent living combined with an adequate level of social interactions, to boost the inclusion and promote active living of vulnerable people is at the forefront of my professional motivation. For this reason, I like working within heterogeneous international teams with different business/organisation profiles, that with a core effort are more suitable to achieve innovative solutions for the benefit a society inclusive for all.

Previous jobs

Since my university graduation in Economics and Trade, I have been working for almost 20 years in an international context dealing with funds raising and related projects management mostly for the benefit of research and development projects. During my professional career, I had the opportunity to cover many different positions in very diverse contexts, from the Italian Ministry of University and Research in staff to the technical secretariat of the Director General for International Affairs, to supporting various research and scientist groups at national and European level. Before joining the Funka team, I have been project manager of EU initiatives for Lombardia Informatica s.p.a also supporting the Lombardy Region, DG Welfare, in the submission and management of International health and social projects, including eHealth.


The international vocation of my family and the melting pot of different civilizations that belongs to my hometown, Rome, inspired me to cultivate the pleasure of travelling meant as discovery, adventure and enrichment of my knowledge and feelings. From here also the curiosity to cook and experiment recipes that come from different countries; one of my favourite way to spend time together with my kids.