My role at Funka

I drive ongoing customer assignments forward together with the web development and analysis team and our customers. This means that I take care of planning, staffing and administration of all our assignments, while I also have some responsibility for our network of municipalities.

The driving force of the job

My driving force is that I constantly want to develop further and improve on what I do. I love to gather new experiences and I can do that every day by working here at Funka. To contribute to Funka's mission to make the world better is a great driving force.

Previous jobs

Earlier, I worked as deputy store manager at the grocery chain ICA. After som years in that position, I wanted to develop further and get acquire knowledge of running an own business. Therefore, I attended an education called Head / Leader in Trade, which gave me good knowledge in project planning and leadership. After my study time, I worked as a service adviser at an authorized workshop for Volkswagen and Audi where I got to practice my recently gained skills. After that, I worked as an Office Manager at Pedab Sweden AB, an IT company.


I live in the scenic Tyresö municipality just southeast of Stockholm, with my wonderful husband and our son. My biggest interest is home decor. In the weekends, I'm looking forward to finding secondhand bargains, to decorate our home.