My role at Funka

I work in Sales towards customers outside the Nordics, with a focus on Funka Accessibility Days.

The driving force of the job

I enjoy a dynamic culture with shifting priorities and problem-solving.  I listen to customers, find out their problems and provide solutions.  It’s also fun to provide solutions to problems they didn’t know they had!

Previous jobs

I’ve worked in sales and marketing for the past twenty years, mostly in business-to-business in the Retail industry.  I worked for Nintendo in the US prior to moving to Sweden in 2006, when I began working in international sales.


Standup comedy dominates most of my free time, as I run a club and also perform throughout Sweden and abroad.  It helps that my wife and most of my friends are also comics, so I can spend time with them as well!  It’s also nice to relax at home… whenever I get the chance.