My role at Funka

My mission at Funka is to ensure that we who work at the back-end, always put the client first. We want to deliver a high standard of service and see all our contacts as clients, regardless if you’re a supplier, co-worker or governmental agency.

The driving force of the job

The challange of making a difference is what drives me. To ensure that the members of my team grow and continue to develop. To make the world a slightly more accessible place together with the people at Funka feels fun and fulfilling.

Previous jobs

I’m a graduated economist and I have previously worked as the Chief Financial Officer in small and medium sized companies. My latest employer was Sportamore AB.


I’m born and raised in the western part of Sweden. After living in an inordinate amount of places, I’m now the proud owner of a house in Täby.

I share that house with my husband and two lively children. I like oysters and coffee, though not together. During the winter, I like to ski. I’m at my most relaxed while playing golf or reading decorating magazines.