My role at Funka

My main task is to identify, plan and structure Funka’s project applications on the national and Nordic level. Beyond that, I help with managing projects and administrating Funka’s research project. I also provide support to our Madrid offices with our projects financed by the EU.

The driving force of the job

My foremost motivation is to be able to contribute to a society where everyone is able to participate, and be able to reach their full potential, regardless of ability. I enjoy working with creative processes and innovative solutions that facilitates everday life.

Previous jobs

I have worked in Brussels for a long time, with different projects financed by the EU. Among other things, I have been a diversity consultant, coordinator for different research collaborations and a administrator for research collaborations and an administrator for the European Commission. I have for example worked with themes like, sustainability and the prevention and counteracting of discrimination.


On my spare time, I enjoy all sorts of creative projects, big and small. Everything from arts and crafts, building of Lego-sets, to writing fiction. My son and I enjoy sitting together and collaborating on hilarious stories together.