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  • Necessary differences and unnecessary problems

    We have compared how experts from different countries interpret requirements for accessibility within the framework of an EU-funded project that is now ending. An open learning platform was the result.
  • Accessibility competition in the built environment

    Funka's Ebba Myrsten has been chosen to be part of the jury assessing accessibility and innovation in the property portfolio of the municipal housing company Stockholmshem.
  • Survey on procurement of accessibility

    To help and support procurers to buy accessibility, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) is developing a certification exam for procurers. You are welcome to contribute to the content by answering an important survey.
  • Games for everyone

    Funka’s Danne Borell tells the story about computer games who add accessibility thinking in a good way and how the job as an accessibility specialist affects his whole life.
  • Nine months to meet the European regulations

    The European-wide Web Accessibility Directive means that public sector needs to meet accessibility demands. There are nine months left until the first interfaces must comply with the requirements - how can we help you?
  • Increased knowledge about e-health

    The EU funded research project IC-Health is finished. Courses aiming to raise awarenes and competence when it comes to e-health in different target groups have been created together with users.
  • EN301549 is harmonized!

    The EN-standard with accessibility requirements for ICT products and services can now be used to demonstrate compliance to the Web Accessibility DIrective. We explain how it works.
  • Funka in Australia

    Australia has chosen to implement the same requirements for accessibility as the EU, namely the European Standard EN301549, as mandatory requirements for public procurement. Funka's Susanna Laurin, one of the experts behind the standard, provides support to the Australian government in the process.
  • Klarna gets a clearer view of the user perspective through design audit

    An important principle for the bank Klarna is to see the world from the user's perspective. To facilitate all of the bank's customers, Funka was assigned to make a review of design based on the current standard.
  • Funka in EU-project to improve digital health solutions

    Funka is a proud partner of DigitalHealthEurope, a EU-funded project that will support deployment of digital solutions for person-centred integrated care in Europe.
  • Funka's Christmas gifts: great deals for those who have money left in this year's budget!

    In this year's Christmas stocking, we have put some popular services and products that we think may fit when the year is coming to an end. Could you think of a better way to spend the left overs from this years’ budget, than making your website work better for users?
  • CEO’s corner: Thanks for another amazing year!

    Another year of accessibility work is coming to an end. Funkas’ CEO Susanna Laurin writes about the importance of positive feedback and the need to give appreciation to those who do the right thing.
  • Altibox creates accessible TV experience with the help of Funka

    The Norwegian broadband operator Altibox wants to create a TV experience that is good for as many as possible. The goal is that customers easily can find the content that they are interested in. Funka has reviewed the Altibox app and TV interface for accessibility.
  • One step closer to the European Accessibility Act!

    After years of discussions, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers finally agreed on a statement on the European Commission's proposal for a European Accessibility Act. The likelihood that the law actually will published this year has risen significantly.
  • Oskarshamn municipality wants to communicate in an accessible manner

    How do you write in plain language, how do you make correct links and how do you publish in an accessible manner? The municipality of Oskarshamn in Sweden needed to learn more regarding these issues, and hired Funka for a training session about communicative accessibility.
  • Accessible tourism in Estonia

    With a focus on tourism, the built environment and transportation, Funka is providing services to the Estonian Tourist Board.
  • Transposition process of the Web Accessibility Directive is still going on

    The Web Accessibility Directive entered into force in all EU member states on September 23rd. But in some countries, including Sweden, the transposition process is somewhat delayed.
  • Observations from the big city jungle

    As more and more people use smart phones, some problems are also created by the users becoming too obsessed with what's on the screen, instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Raouf Sormunen, Accessibility expert with a special focus on assistive technology at Funka, urges all of us to lift our eyes and start talking to each other.
  • IC-Health Final Conference- Improving the digital health literacy of European citizens

    The IC-Health consortium held its final conference in Brussels on 18th October 2018. The project partners presented the main results of IC-Health to a diverse and engaged audience. Funka as IC-Health partner contributed to develop a series of MOOCs to improve digital health literacy.
  • WE4AHA Project Executive Committee meeting: the first year of activities and the way forward

    A fruitful meeting for the WE4AHA Executive Project Committee took place in Brussels 17th-18th October. The meeting presented the results of the work made so far, sharing the achievements and lessons learned, and outlining the effort made by the consortium to reinforce the EIP on AHA stakeholders’ engagement and collaboration. The visions and strategies for implementing the project’s action plans for the future, aimed at fostering innovation and scaling up of digital health and care solutions in the AHA arena, were also set.
  • Practical tests of tools for citizen dialogue in Norwegian municipalities

    Funka's assignment for the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation is entering a new exciting phase. Our earlier investigation led us to carry out tests of the implementation of tools for citizen dialogue in Norwegian municipalities.
  • Värnamo municipality took important steps towards an accessible website

    Värnamo municipality let Funka review Word document templates for PDF files to be published on the web. That is one of many important steps towards meeting the new requirements that came with the Web Accessibility Directive.
  • Capacity building in focus in Germany and Belgium

    At the turn of the month September-October, Funka's experts shared our expertise at the conferences M-Enabling Forum Europe and Destinations for all World Summit, which are covering different areas of accessibility.
  • How to meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive

    The Web Accessibility Directive implies many new requirements for digital accessibility. We will be happy to assist you in meeting the legal requirements and gaining control of your internal processes, including inventory, audits, requirements and training.
  • University training in web accessibility

    Funka, IAAP Nordic and four Nordic universities are investigating how web accessibility can be part of the university programs in the Nordic countries.
  • Sex in motion

    Ebba Myrsten, Partner Liaison and Test Person Coordinator at Funka, also works as a personal assistant. This summer, she participated in a camp with the topic of sexuality, function and norms, which caused many thoughts.
  • The Web Accessibility Directive will be introduced outside of the EU

    The EU Web Accessibility Directive will be introduced into Norwegian law 1 July 2019. When countries like Norway, in Europe but outside of the Union, implement the new regulations on web accessibility, existing national legislation needs to be updated. In some cases, it is even broader than what the EU requires.
  • Accessible websites for leading pensions company with help from Funka

    When KPA Pension, Sweden’s leading pensions company in the local authority sector, needed to review the accessibility of their websites, Funka was a natural partner for expert reviews.
  • Smart Ageing Serious Games for assessment of cognitive impairments

    Smart Ageing Serious Games in 3D virtual environments that reproduce aspects of the workplace can help elderly persons to familiarize with a new environment and virtually train work procedures. It can also detect difficulties before getting engaged in new tasks. By doing so it is possible to evaluate different cognitive functions and to detect possible impairments.
  • Funka redesigns a website for the EIP on AHA Reference Sites

    The Reference Sites Collaborative Network, part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, has assigned Funka for redesigning their website so that it will meet accessibility requirements and a more dynamic online presence.
  • New regulations, new requirements and updated standards

    Europe is soon to have legislation on web accessibility and requirements are updated to fit the new landscape. If you feel confused about WCAG and EN301549, this article may clarify some issues.
  • Innovation project on comprehensible content

    Together with Botkyrka Municipality and Linnaeus University, Funka will develop a method for helping the public sector to produce information that is easier to understand. Based on experiences from previous research projects, we test different models to reach persons with a mother tongue other than the official national one, with funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.
  • Accessibility of the future

    This summer, Funka’s Andreas Cederbom was invited as one of the speakers at the ICCHP conference in Linz, Austria, a research conference focusing on assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. He shares his impressions about some of the innovations that may be the assistive technology of the future.
  • IAAP Conference on European Web Accessibility Regulations

    The International Association of Accessibility Professionals, IAAP, organizes a conference on European accessibility laws and regulations, with speakers from the EU Commission, Funka and W3C.
  • Funka develops self-declaration tool for self service terminals

    Funka will develop a self-declaration tool for the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi. In Norway, the legal requirements for accessibility also apply to self service terminals. The tool will facilitate the work of supervising the requirements.
  • Psst….Save the date!

    9-10 April 2019, it is time for Funka Accessibility Days, Northern Europe's largest conference on accessible ICT. For the eleventh successive year, let yourself be inspired by some of the world´s leading experts and learn more about content, design, assistive technology, legislation, development, technology and much more! Funka Accessibility Days have now become so popular that we have grown out of the old premises. In 2019, the event will take place at Quality Hotel Friends in Solna. Save the date in your calendar already now! See you in 9-10 April 2019!
  • Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

    In the production of their annual report, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media turned to Funka to convert the comprehensive document into PDF format.
  • Between hope and despair

    Monitoring and possible fines can be a driving force for accessibility. But at the same time, threats can mean that services are taken down. How do we make sure that legislation increases accessibility?
  • A win-win situation with Funka's empathy exercises

    As part of its competence development program Win-Win, Linköping municipality in Sweden has hired Funka to carry out empathy exercises. Through the exercises, the participants get to experience what it can be like to deal with disabilities in an urban environment, which becomes an eye-opener for many.
  • M-Enabling Forum finally in Europe

    Funka is part of the programme committee for the accessible technologies conference M-Enabling Forum Europe 2018, which takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany in September.
  • Health and accessible tourism: important for European regions

    Funka’s José Usero has participated in a session on Health and Accessible Tourism at the FORITAAL conference in Lecce, Italy.
  • Column: If I can get certified, so can you!

    Sandra Eriksson, accessibility expert with a focus on assistive technology at Funka, passed the written test for certification organized by the IAAP. She can now call herself a Web Accessibility Specialist. Here, she tells us about her exam anxiety.
  • Funka provides support to Norway's monitoring agency - again

    The Norwegian monitoring agency for web accessibility has asked Funka to further develop the guidelines, texts and illustrations for accessibility support that we have produced in previous assignments. In addition, we will support the further development of the information structure on the website where the material is presented.
  • Simulations of neurodiversity increase awareness

    In a project financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka will create training material based on user experiences. By simulating how persons with neuropsychiatric conditions experience life, we can raise awareness among our clients and others.
  • Political chaos

    Prior to the Swedish elections, we have reviewed the websites of the political parties in the Swedish parliament, to see how accessible they are. Unfortunately, they have not gotten any better since last election – rather the opposite.
  • Mobile Accessibility and the UN Convention

    In June each year, the G3ict arranges the M-Enabling Summit, in Washington. In the same week, the UN's annual Conference on State Parties to the Convention on Human Rights for People with Disabilities takes place in New York. Funka will contribute to both events.
  • e-democracy in focus in Norway

    Funka was invited to present about our assignment on digital tools for citizen participation in Sandnes, Norway, where the Department on Municipalities and Modernisation held a two day conference.
  • Make sure accessibility is afloat

    Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin sees similarities between working with accessibility and taking care of a wooden boat. Both activities require patience and the results can make many people happy.
  • Accessibility as a key element enabling Active and Healthy Ageing

    Accessibility features combined with digital transformation can contribute to improve the quality of life of older people, their inclusion and participation to the society. Funka addresses these issues in the project WE4AHA.
  • Content Management Systems that generate accessibility

    Imagine if the tools used to create websites and intranets would have built-in accessibility from the beginning, how much easier life would be! Soon, it can be a reality. Funka has received funding from the European Commission for a project that will contribute to increased accessibility in content management systems.
  • Have your say on the Web Accessibility Directive

    Time to react: until 15th of June, there is a public hearing of the draft implementation acts of the Web Accessibility Directive monitoring methodology and model accessibility statement. Feedback is welcome!
  • Virtual Reality for increased knowledge about hidden disabilities

    Hidden disabilities are often more difficult to understand and handle for the outside world, than physical impairments. Funka has received funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, to work on Virtual Reality experiences based on real stories from people with different disabilities. The aim is to develop training material that can contribute to an inclusive working life.
  • Target audience customization increasingly common

    Funka makes a yearly survey of how the public sector in Sweden works to ensure web content is comprehensible to all. This year shows some interesting results.
  • If you order a digital service, you are a product owner

    What is actually expected of a product owner? Maria Ström, one of Funka's wise UX designers, reflects on the work process and collaboration between the person responsible for the project and the supplier.
  • Meet us at Global Accessibility Awareness Day and other events

    May 17th, Funka will celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Stockholm, Sweden while our Oslo office focuses on the national holiday of Norway. In Genoa, Italy, we will lecture on accessibility at the university.
  • Captions for videos on EN 301 549 now in French and German

    The videos about EN 301 549, which Funka made on behalf of Microsoft, have had a huge impact and used in many countries. The videos are now published also with French and German captions.
  • Funka investigates democracy tools in Norway

    To strengthen democracy, many municipalities are starrting to use digital tools for citizen dialogue. In order for everyone to participate on the same terms, the tools must of course be inclusive. Funka has been assigned to investigate how tools for citizen dialogue work for persons with disabilities.
  • Funka Accessibility Days 2018

    The tenth anniversary of the Funka Accessibility Days is over and we have started planning for next year. Please have a look at the speaker presentations, photos, illustrations and quotes from the event. Many thanks to participants, speakers, partners, exhibitors and suppliers!
  • How hard can it be?

    Before a new version of a standard is to be released, it is a very good idea to test the requirements in the real world. To make sure the success criteria of WCAG are possible to implement, W3C has used Funka's website as a test object.
  • Nordic IAAP chapter provides certification

    Through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, IAAP, you can make sure that you, your colleagues or your supplier have current and relevant skills through certification. In the Nordic chapter of IAAP, you can meet local colleagues, thought leaders and share experiences that are specific for your market, in your local language.
  • EU requirements applies immediately

    In September, all EU member states will have common requirements for web accessibility for the public sector, as The Web Accessibility Directive enters into force. National laws need to be harmonised with the directive and in countries where no legislation on the topic is in place, new legislation needs to be written.
  • Time to focus on accessible design

    How information is presented is important to the visitors on your website. This is the first thing most users notice, and it affects accessibility for more users than you think. Funka can design your interface, but also perform audits and user tests on existing design as well as training for designers.
  • Criteria for cognitive accessibility of digital interfaces

    In a new research project, Funka will develop testable requirements to ensure that digital interfaces are accessible from a cognitive perspective. Today's standards and regulations focus on technical solutions for physical impairments, but many users have completely different types of needs.
  • How will life be in the future?

    Sweden has been a forerunner when it comes to user-controlled personal assistance for persons with disabilities. But this human right ensuring individual freedom may deteriorate. Funka's web editor Stefan Pelc, who is in need of personal assistance, is concerned about the uncertain situation right now.
  • The City of Stockholm develops its website through user tests

    The City of Stockholm is in the midst of a extensive development of the website In this work, they have assigned Funka for user tests to give the inhabitants of Stockholm the best possible conditions to find what they are looking for and have a smooth user experience along the way.
  • Enterprise website prepares to meet the criteria

    To prepare for the forthcoming Web Accessibility Directive, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has assigned Funka to audit the web site The goal is for to meet the criteria for WCAG 2.0 at AA level.
  • The interest in Funka Acessibility Days is greater than ever - Book your ticket now!

    It is happening soon, this year's edition of Europe's largest conference on information accessibility. April 17-18, we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Funka Accessibility Days, and the interest breaks all records. Get useful information about the upcoming laws and standards that will come into effect this autumn and be inspired by news in technology, design and content. We give you practical tips, good examples and opportunities to listen to inspirational speakers like Paul Timmers and Christopher M. Lee. Take the chance to meet like-minded people and make new contacts. Welcome!
  • Innovative digital solutions a key component for Active and Healthy Ageing

    As coordinator for the WE4AHA project, Funka recently participated in and supported the European Commission with the Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing in Brussels, The conference focused on how to ensure a large-scale deployment of innovative digital solutions, as a key component of the transformation of health and care.
  • Stavanger municipality made their website accessible with BrowseAloud

    Stavanger municipality in Norway is focusing on making their web content understandable. One way to help users who struggle with reading is to provide built in assistive technology. After scanning the market, Browsealoud, delivered by Funka, turned out to be the best option, with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Thoughts from a neurophysiotypical person

    Linus Ersson, Interaction Designer and Accessibility and User Experience Expert at Funka, reflects on what is considered beautiful or ugly according to norms, what fits into a certain context or not and how words can define us.
  • To overcome digital barriers in employment – project now completed

    Digital barriers in the work environment can be a major obstacle for persons with disabilities to actively participate in modern working life. With funding from Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka has conducted a project in which we point out solutions for accessibility in financial system.
  • Making our musical heritage accessible

    Funka has helped the concert hall Konserthuset Stockholm to make its historic archive accessible for all. Through digital solutions, culture can reach a wider audience.
  • The program of the Accessibility Days is public!

    This year, there is a natural focus on new guidelines and regulations, but we also offer exciting sessions on everything from accessible mobile apps to accessible email. Spain is the international outlook of the year and one of the largest public sector bodies in Sweden shares experiences from their impressive accessibility work. As usual, we will provide you with practical recommendations and good examples. Welcome!
  • Investigation of digital tools for increased citizen dialogue

    Funka will investigate how digital tools can be used for citizen engagement in Norwegian municipalities. It is the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation who gave us the assignment.
  • Funka in Vienna

    Funka's CEO Susanna Laurin is invited to speak at the conference Zero Project: Accessibility, which takes place 21-23 February 2018 at the UN office in Vienna.
  • On the importance of noticing things

    Do you also take seemingly mundane things for granted? Emil Gejrot, Junior Researcher at Funka, reflects on the fact that no matter how well we think we understand how things work, there will always be something unconsidered, something gone unnoticed - and how all this can be applied to accessibility.
  • Gyldendal aims high with accessibility

    The Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal wants to be at the forefront of the expected increase in legal requirements for accessibility in the education sector in Norway. Therefore, they have used Funka for accessibility training of their employees and for expert review of a web platform.
  • Accessible language learning for immigrants

    By winning the Innovation Competition run by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, the tech startup Lingio, with help from Funka, will be able to make its language app accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Irish research assignment on certification possibilities in universal design

    On behalf of the National Disability Authority in Ireland, Funka will investigate possibilities for certification in universal design for Irish IT professionals.
  • Funka awarded strategic assignment for the Finnish government

    To support the Ministry of Finance in transposing the European Web Accessibility Directive into Finnish legislation, Funka has been assigned to make a comparative study of ongoing efforts.
  • Meet Funka this spring!

    Funka's experts are, as usual, active in many places around the world. You can for example meet us in Washington at the M-Enabling Summit or listen to a webinar arranged by the IAAP You can also meet us in Oslo, Norway at the Universal Design and New Technology conference, and in Sundsvall, Sweden, at the annual conference for public sector ICT.
  • What are you curious about?

    More or less everyday, we get interesting questions from readers, customers and partners. Often, it's questions we can answer because we experienced something similar before. But sometimes, the only sensible answer is that we need to test it in real life before making any recommendations. This is where our research and innovation department comes into play.
  • Section 508 refresh

    This article is the result of an interview with David Capozzi, Executive Director at the US Access Board.
  • Funka presents at the European Commission’s accessibility conference

    Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin has been invited to talk about the positive effects accessibility has on small and medium sized businesses. The workshop in Brussels is for EU parliamentarians and policy makers and runs 2-3 February.
  • New Norwegian legislation proposed

    Finally a proposal to unite the Norwegian laws regarding equality- and anti-discrimination into a single law is under consideration. The proposal provides that the education sector should be covered by the regulation on accessibility in ICT, something that Funka has been arguing for a long time.