20% discount on audits until 23 September!

Do you want to prepare for when the Web Accessibility Directive enters into force? Then you should take your chance now when we offer discounts on web accessibility audits.

In June, the new version of WCAG 2.1 was published. In August, the new version of EN301549 was published, which is the minimum requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive. This means that even if you performed an analysis of accessibility relatively recently, you need to do it again, because there are additional requirements to take into account.

Funka's Accessibility Audits have become synonymous with reviewing accessibility in everything from websites to internal systems. Our methodology is based on the WCAG-EM and further elaborated together with end user organisations. As we also develop websites with guaranteed technical accessibility, we can provide detailed solutions - we know how to actually do it.

Our experts are actively involved in developing the new requirements, and we are working on behalf of the European Commission in the WADex-group of experts with recommendations for the monitoring methodology as well as the model accessibility statement. With Funka as your supplier, you are ensured to get the best and most accurate advice.

Mandatory accessibility statement

With the Web Accessibility Directive follows an obligation to declare your status of accessibility. This means that you who are responsible for a website, intranet, extranet, app or document in the public sector must know how accessible the different interfaces are and publish a statement describing the current situation.

For many of our customers, it means that a large number of websites, e-services, digital tools and documents have to be reviewed. Therefore, we offer to assess your digital accessibility at a lower price. Order before September 23, and we will deduct 20% of the price!

We also offer several other services and products that support you to meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive, including training, a subscription service for requirements and strategic advice. Please contact us for more details.

Audit of legal requirements