Meet us at Global Accessibility Awareness Day and other events

May 17th, Funka will celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Stockholm, Sweden while our Oslo office focuses on the national holiday of Norway. In Genoa, Italy, we will lecture on accessibility at the university.

On 24th of May, Funka participates in a roundtable discussion on "accessibility innovation and entrepreneurs” in the context of CEAPAT International Week. CEAPAT is the National Centre of Assistive Technologies in Spain. Together with other Spanish SMEs and entrepreneurs in the ICT accessibility domain, Funka will discuss the main challenges and opportunities around the EU accessibility market.

On 18th June, Funka is one of the experts participating in the Genoa City Council course on “Projecting for all” organized by the Council Disability Management Team, that takes place in May and June 2018. Funka delivers a session on the 18th of June, presenting a series of Nordic and European contrasted good practices on ICT and built environment accessibility.

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José Angel Martínez Usero

Title: Responsible for International Affairs (José Angel Martínez Usero)

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