A move towards subscription

In order for our customers to be able to meet the new regulatory requirements as quickly and easily as possible, we have developed a package of standard products that help many organization, no matter of maturity.

The basic idea is to provide even more of our products and services as a subscription service, to make sure that the material is always updated. Before the summer holidays, we will release new packages of training videos, detailed requirements fit for procurement and two levels of our popular handbooks.

The products are not new, but instead of buying them separately, we now offer all clients to subscribe to regular updates as part of the offering.

We see an increasing demand, not least from suppliers, to ensure that the whole organization follow the same procedures around for example testing, says Johan Kling, Funka’s Head of Quality and Development. Making sure these clients have the latest information is important to us, and with this new suite of subscriptions it becomes much easier.

Funka’s subscription products are tailor made for each of our markets and presented in the local language. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to know more about what is available in your region of interest.


Fredrik Danermark

Title: Internal project manager

Email: fredrik.danermark@funka.com

Phone: +46 8 555 770 93