An embedded accessibility expert

Funka is known as market leading accessibility experts, but we could easily argue that Funka is a web agency - with accessibility as a specialty. We have frontend and backend developers, designers, interaction designers, UX experts, language experts and many more roles among our experienced staff.

This is really the strength of Funka, that we do not focus on finding shortcomings regarding accessibility, although that is what many ask us to do. Instead, we find solutions on accessibility problems and develop cool functionality that works for everyone.

As a result, you can hire one of our excellent consultants in a specific field of expertise and get an expert on accessibility in the same go!

The best way to transfer knowledge to the customer is often when we are on site continuously, says Johan Kling, Head of Quality and Consultancy at Funka.

Accessibility is not a single effort but something that has to be worked on in all phases of a project. At the same time, it can be difficult to say in advance exactly what decisions, meetings or situations will affect accessibility in the end. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a resource in the team that ensures that the requirements on accessibility are not lost.

Several of our customers choose to hire an interaction designer or frontend developer from Funka to be part of the regular web team, but who is also experienced as an accessibility expert and trained to test and control the accessibility during the project. This way, you get an accessibility specialist and another role embedded in one. It will not be a problem to fill the person's time with important tasks in the project while at the same time having the expertise available where decisions that affect accessibility are being made.

This also means that the transfer of knowledge will be easier to achieve. There is a person to ask, who can give support and train the rest of the team in parallel. This has proven to be very effective in helping the team how to think and act to make the results as accessible as possible without costing extra time and resources.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, Telenor and ULOBA are current examples of customers who have successfully embedded accessibility experts from Funka in their teams.


Johan Kling

Title: Head of Quality and Consultancy


Phone: +46 8 555 770 62