Congratulations Finland, 100 years!

In honour of the celebrations, the Ministry of Finance organises a conference on automatisation, digitalisation and robotisation. Accessibility is an important perspecitve in all of these topics.

What will the digital future mean in terms of how we work? That is one of the questions that the Helsinki March 28th conference is addressing. Funka’s Susanna Laurin is invited to speak about how inclusive technology equals effective use of digitalisation.

At the conference, challenges and oportunities in automatisation, digitalisation and robotisation will be discussed. How can society make sure that the new technologies creates new jobs? Finland has the possibility to provide conditions for new business ecosystems on emergence by understanding the dynamics of growth.

Public sector is also increasingly using digital services, not least via the citizens portal called This is where the perspective of accessibility and new European regulations becomes even more important.

E-services are usually implemeted to save money, but that will only work if most people can use them, says Susanna Laurin. With a high standard of accessibility, you make it easier not only for persons with disabilities, but for all users.

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Susanna Laurin

Title: CEO


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