Funka at the eHealth Summit 2019

The third edition of the Portugal eHealth Summit was celebrated in Lisbon on 19-21 March 2019. During the summit, EIP on AHA members – coordinated by Funka through the WE4AHA support action – and the Digital Health Europe project partners, contributed to workshops and discussions.

Two full working days were devoted to identify the highest priority use cases within three areas; citizen access to data, better data for use in research, and digital tools for citizen empowerment. These areas are based on an important Communication on Digital Transformation of Health and Care, published recently by the European Commission. All Member States have endorsed the communication, and the summit workshop was aimed to further investigate where investment is needed.

The workshop addressed some example use cases that illustrate how enhanced digital solutions and data communication could improve citizen health, healthcare services, personalised medicine, public health and research.

Accessibility to aggregated health data is central in research activities, Roberto Zuffada, project manager at Funka, says. For instance, let’s think about their reuse in the rare diseases sector or for the development of new devices for monitoring health conditions.

Special emphasis was also put on the importance of citizens’ digital health literacy and empowerment to facilitate their active engagement in citizen-centred health and care focusing on concepts such as data governance models citizen-controlled data governance and data donation.

European investments in the digital transformation of healthcare need to prioritise the most useful and practically achievable solutions and information flows, continue Roberto. The efforts made need to benefit all citizens.


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