Funka continues the expansion

In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for our services throughout Europe, Funka is investing further in both the consulting and innovation activities. As part of this, an organizational change is also implemented.

The company's management is being expanded with a new CEO, Marie Wirkestrand, who most recently comes from KPMG, where she has run the Digital Transformation & Innovation department. Marie's mission is to ensure international growth and continued product development, with a focus on digitization and subscription services.

Former CEO Susanna Laurin, who has led the company for the past 16 years, is given the oportunity to focus on her strategic and political assignments by becoming head of Funka's Research and Innovation department.

I am extremely pleased with the opportunity to contribute to a society that is accessible to everyone. With today's rapid development in IT and digitalization, it is important that we consider inclusion and accessibility in parallel. Funka still has an important role to play there, says Marie Wirkestrand.

Developing and improving new ways of providing support to everyone who faces increased demands for accessibility naturally requires that new knowledge be developed and that ideas are tested together with end users. Funka's research and innovation department accounts for much of the investigative work needed to break new ground.

With the rapid technological development, new requirements need to be formulated, new requirements are created and new solutions are developed. In order to really have an impact, we must work hands on, step by step, with concrete problems while at the same time creating the conditions for inclusion at the society level.

It is great advantage to get more time for my own assignments within policy, standardization and legislation, says Susanna Laurin. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to Funka's Research- and Innovation department continuing to lead the development in the industry.

Funka still has the same goals that we have always had: to make the world a better place for all individuals, regardless of their ability.