Funka in pictures: New perspectives on accessibility

Many of us who work with accessibility everyday have the whole phone full of beautiful, smart, crazy and ridiculous examples of good and bad solutions we stumbled upon, odd situations we've come across and nerdy things we're fascinated with. Anyone who writes alternative text descriptions of images knows how difficult it can be to explain the point of an image with text. Some things simply work better visually.

Therefore, we let all our employees document their everyday working lives on Instagram so that you who are interested in our business can get a little insight into what we actually do without reading long reports. We will try to make sure that there is a good mix of different views, but it is quite likely that our account will lean a bit towards accessibility and usability.

We are doing a lot of very exciting things that we are happy to share, says Frida Westholm, lead designer at Funka.

Several of our employees are very good photographers, so some of the pictures are very nice, but the Instagram account is not a competition. All employees are welcome to contribute.

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