Funka provides support to Norway's monitoring agency - again

On behalf of the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi, Funka has repeatedly provided guidance texts and illustrations that help the public and private sector to comply with the Norwegian law for web accessibility. The Norwegian law has been extended to also include the education sector, and in conjunction with that, Funka will further develop and supplement the guidance material.

The assignment also includes improving the information structure on the website where the information is presented. The new information structure also has to keep up for the next iteration, when Norway will implement the European Web Accessibility Directive.

It's always exciting and interesting to support Difi, "says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka. Facilitating accessibility for the education sector is important for children and youth, but also parents with disabilities, to be included in society.

Norwegian legislation differs from EU regulations in a number of ways; partly, the scope is greater because the Norwegian law also covers the private sector. On the other hand, it is only the "main solution" that is covered by the Norwegian law, and the specific requirements are somewhat fewer, as some exceptions have been made for success criteria regarding video.

Since the law was introduced in 2010, the education sector has been exempted, referring to the fact that other legislation partially covered the same requirements. But from 2018 the education sector is also included, which means all types of websites aimed at parents and students, learning platforms and digital teaching materials are covered.

The monitoring agency has conducted a survey of the target group and based on the results of that, the regular contact Difi has with accessibility coordinators at authorities and companies, as well as Funka's long experience of similar assignments in other countries, we will further develop the guidelines we previously prepared for Difi.

Unlike the previous assignments about guidelines Funka have done for Difi, we will now also develop the information structure on the website where the material is presented.

It feels like a natural step that we now will take more responsibility for the presentation, says Andreas Cederbom. Concept and structure affect how well the text, images and illustrations we deliver work from an educational point of view.

At the time of writing, it is not entirely clear exactly when the European Web Accessibility Directive is to be incorporated into Norwegian law, but the new information structure will take account of the forthcoming changes.

Among other things, the European law implies increased requirements as Norwegian authorities will also require an accessibility statement, a function for feedback from users and a link to the complaints mechanism.

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