Funka's Christmas gifts: great deals for those who have money left in this year's budget!

In Europe, everyone is talking about the Web Accessibility Directive. We have therefore chosen to focus on some special offers that we think will be on interest to many of our customers. If you are kind enough to order before Christmas, Santa promises some nice discounts!

Accessible documents

Almost all of our customers are worried about how to comply with the law's requirements for accessible documents. Do not despair, we have everything you need! If you order before Christmas, we offer a 10% discount on all our PDF services.

We offer:

  • Training (open or customised courses, or educational videos that you can access when it suits you)
  • Audit of documents and / or templates
  • Making PDF documents accessible
  • Manuals and guidelines on how to create accessible PDF documents

Funka's PDF services

Acessible redesign of website or service

Design is an important part of accessibility. With our redesign service, there’s no need for long checklists and reports with a lot of text. We provide feedback directly with new design sketches instead! Our skilled art directors review your interface and give concrete recommendations for improvements.
We start from the design-related requirements of WCAG 2.1 AA / EN301549 version 2.1.2 which means that we look at:

  • Fonts and readability
  • Contrasts
  • Icons
  • Clickable items

Order before Christmas, and you will receive a redesign proposal for SEK 40,000 (ordinary price SEK 50,000). For larger or more complex services, some delimitation occurs.

Accessible design

Funkas’ Requirements

Perhaps the most important tool for ensuring that your interfaces meet the requirements of the law are clear requirements that you can apply for procurement, development and design as well as in the management phase. We have processed all EN requirements so that they are understandable and possible to answer with a yes or a no. Thus, both you and your supplier can understand what they mean. Life suddenly becomes so much easier!

Start your subscription before New Year, and we will provide a presentation of the requirements via Skype or a physical meeting. Value: 15,000 kr.

Early Bird discount for Funka Accessibility Days 2019

Did you know that you can save a lot of money by signing up for Funka Accessibility Days already now? Until New Year, we have really nice prices! In spring, the conference will be bigger than ever and many exciting and informative news will be presented.

Funka Accessibility Days 2019

Merry and Accessible Christmas Greetings from Funka!