Health and accessible tourism: important for European regions

José Usero, Responsible for International Affairs at Funka, recently presented good practices of accessible tourism experiences in Sweden at the FORITAAL conference in Lecce, Italy.

In the context of the Italian chapter of the Ambient Assisted Living programme, AAL, the Puglia region organized an ambitious conference around active and healthy ageing called FORITAAL. The conference included a session on accessible tourism.

It has been a pleasure to have direct dialog with different regions and city councils genuinely interesting in taking advantage of accessibility to attract ageing tourists and increase the quality of life of their elder population, says José Usero.

José presented some good practices of accessible tourism experiences in Sweden, covering different fields of activity, such as accessibility in cultural heritage buildings, innovative use of technology such as Virtual Reality and 3D, communication aspects in terms of websites or information material, as well as interaction with people with disabilities.

José focused his presentation on practical solutions, our long experience in making successful improvements in accessibility for tourists and how Funka can collaborate with regions across Europe to make it happen. Other organisations participating in the session were presenting their approach from the policy and user needs perspective, among those the PROMIS Health Organization and the Puglia Region.

Accessible tourism is an important topic, continues José Usero. Sometimes it feels like accessibility is only about regulations and boring things. But culture, travel and food are equally important for everyone!

The FORITAAL conference on Ambient Assisted Living (in Italian), opens in a new window


José Angel Martínez Usero

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