How to meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive

In order to meet the legal requirements for digital accessibility, you need to know the status of your interfaces and ensure that your organisation is well-prepared internally. We have developed a systematic method to ensure that you get control of your internal processes and solve one problem at a time, in the right order and at a reasonable cost.

To meet the requirements of the directive is of course a matter of your interfaces being accessible, which will also be checked by a monitoring agency. But in addition, you should be able to declare how accessible they are in an accessibility statement. This means you need to know where any problems exist and how to handle them.

Since you also in some cases need to provide access to alternative formats, the internal workflow will be very important. We will be happy to assist you with the parts where you need support, with the aim of ensuring that your organisation will become as self-sufficient as possible in the field. Internal competence is the key to success.

Please contact us if you have questions about the Web Accessibility Directive. Our experts have deep knowledge and long experience from years of strategic assignments on policy level. Below are some of the services that may be relevant to your organisation:

Inventory to comply with the legal requirements

An inventory of both interfaces and internal processes helps you decide on priorities and to see where actions need to be taken. We support you in getting an overview and work step by step with everything from procurement to workflows for publishing. The package is flexible so you can choose to implement large parts by yourself with the help of our methodology or let us take the greatest responsibility.

Inventory to comply with the legal requirements

Audits and tests

We can implement everything from thoroughly checking your interfaces, to sampling to give you an approximate idea of their accessibility status. In order to meet the legal requirements for an Accessibility Statement, you need to know the status of accessibility on websites, extranets, intranets, documents, and apps. Our test methodology is based on international standards and our extensive research and close cooperation with end user organisations.

Funka's Audits and Tests

Subscribe to our Requirements Specifications

In order to ensure that what you procure, develop, design and manage meets the requirements for accessibility, our Requirements Specifications are unbeatable. They are always updated and with a nice feature to filter out the right requirements for the right profession, the service will help you to work systematically with internal and external accessibility.

Funka's Requirements Specifications


We offer tailor-made courses regarding all aspects of accessibility. Learn everything about the Web Accessibility Directive, how to perform testing, how to create accessible PDF documents and how to publish them in accordance with the requirements.

Funka's Training