IAAP 5 years celebration awards

During the M-enabling Summit in Washington DC this June, the IAAP celebrated its 5 years anniversary with a series of awards. Being a memmer organisation, everything depends on the people involved. Everyone is important, but there are some individuals that have contributed especially to the success of IAAP worldwide.

Recognizing IAAP members through honors is of course just a small token of appreciation, but an important one. Since so many people have spent their spare time to make IAAP happen, the anniversiary is a good time time to say thank you, said Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director of G3ict and IAAP, during the introduction of the celebrations.

The awards were given in six different categories to honor the exemplary efforts of IAAP membership: 

  • The User Experience Office at the Princeton University was honored as an organisational member acting as leader in Higher Education accessibility and certification. Mary Albert and Damian Sian accepted the award on behalf of the office
  • Rosemary Musachio was recognized as an individual member promoting inclusion  amongst her peers
  • Kathy Wahlbin, Paul Bohman and Pina D’Intino were awarded for providing an extraordinary amount of time volunteering for IAAP
  • Rob Sinclair and David Dikter were awarded for being instrumental in ensuring that the idea of IAAP came to fruition
  • Sharon Spencer   was recognised as an early champion of IAAP who ensured a strong foundation for the organization
  • Jay Cardinali, Susanna Laurin, Nigel Lewis and Mary Rainer-Skala were awarded for international leadership with a focus on promoting the mission of the IAAP organization.  

The IAAP intend to continue recognizing dedicated champions regularly as the organisation grows.

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Susanna Laurin

Title: Chief Research and Innovation Officer

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