IAAP Conference on European Web Accessibility Regulations

Many companies are affected by digital accessibility regulations and there are currently several complex legislation changes going on simultaneously. IAAP Europe now arranges a conference on Web Accessibility Regulations, December 5th 2018 in Brussels. where Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin is one of the presenters.

The target group of the conference is people responsible for ensuring their products and services comply with the Procurement Directive, the Web Accessibility Directive and the upcoming European Accessibility Act.

The conference is open to everyone from Managers and Project Leaders to the technicians who put these changes into action, as there will be a mix of both policy discussions on a strategic level and also hands-on, practical methods for compliance.

The conference covers both current regulations and upcoming regulations. Leading subject matter experts in the field give you a step-by-step walkthrough of what the legislations mean and how to comply with the standards.

The program includes distinguished speakers like Inmaculada Placencia Porrero, Deputy Head of Unit for Rights of Persons with Disabilities within the Directorate General for Justice at the European Commission, Catherine Naughton, Director at the European Disability Forum, and Funka’s CEO Susanna Laurin, with long experience of working with both regulations and standardisation at an EU as well as international level.

Welcome to an exclusive, high-level, full day conference on European Web Accessibility Regulations!

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Ryan Bussell. Photo

For more information and registration, please contact Ryan Bussell
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