Limited-Time Offer: Discount on making PDF-documents accessible!

Are you aware that the EU Web Accessibility Directive also covers documents? Right now we have engaged a pilot program where you can submit PDF-documents to be made accessible at a very low price.

We have tried many automated tools, without finding any that can make PDF-documents as accessible as human beings can.  That’s why we work with people, with different abilities.  Take this chance to submit your PDF-documents to us by November 15th and we’ll review them, then deliver them back to, guaranteed to meet the accessibility requirements of the EU.  During this period we’re offering very low prices for large volumes of static documents – from half our ordinary price!

The length of each document doesn’t matter, we simply count the total number of pages you submit.

The price includes:

  • Technical accessibility remediation
    We review and remediate the documents so they comply with the technical requirements of the Directive and is possible to use with assistive technology.
  • Quality Control
    Our work is double-checked by at least two consultants to ensure the highest quality.

Please note that review, remediation, and quality assurance are done manually.

You may submit as many documents as you want, but there is an exception;

We are happy to provide accessibility in dynamic or fillable forms and extremely complex documents such as annual reports and the like, but the price for these must be estimated separately.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit
    - The number of static pages you wish to be made accessible
    - Your billing info
  2. We respond within 2 business days with:
    - Price estimate for technical accessibility remediation
    - Date of delivery
    - Delivery method for providing the documents to you
  3. You answer via email with an order confirmation.
  4. We deliver the accessible documents to you according to our agreement.

If you would like a price estimate of dynamic or fillable document, please send a few documents as an example and information on the total number of pages to and we would be happy to send you an estimate.