Meet Funka this spring!

The warm spring days are a long time coming, but Funka’s experts fly back and forth to share their knowledge on accessibility.

For our Stockholm-based customers our GAAD celebration on 18 May is awaiting. You can meet with us at the M-Enabling Summit in Washington and if you are in Paris you will of course find us at the e-Accessibility Forum. If you are in Sundsvall between 30 May and 1 June you can meet with us at the conference for digital development in public sector, called “The public Room”. If you are joining the Universal Design and New Technology conference in Oslo, we will meet for sure.

The professional assocoation IAAP is increasing its focus on Europe and is arranging a webinar on European legislation on 24 May held by Funkas CEO Susanna Laurin. The M-Enabling Summit has a strong connection to IAAP this year as the conference has been extended with an extra day focusing on accessibility. Funka will be part of several discussion panels and we look forward to many interesting meetings.

Don’t forget to join AXSChat on Tuesday evenings. On 9 May Funkas CEO Susanna Laurin did a second interview and discussions are still there, so even if you didn’t take part in the live chat you can still read it.

Regardless of where we are in the world and the language we speak, the questions asked are the same and they are concerning the new legislation and the new standard. During this spring our consultants have conducted training in our main markets in Scandinavia and Spain, but also in Italy, Germany, Latvia and Belgium. It is obvious that the interest in accessibility is increasing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a customized walkthrough of the legal framework or if you are interested in pre-recorded material.

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