Mobile Accessibility and the UN Convention

During some intense days in Washington, industry, policy makers, experts and end user organisations meet and exchange experiences at the M-Enabling Summit. Since a couple of years, there is also a specific track for the IAAP. Partly overlapping, the Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities takes place in New York.

Since G3ict took over the leadership of IAAP, the M-Enabling Summit has grown further, both in terms of program content and the number of delegates. Funka's Susanna Laurin, who is a member in the program committee, is very pleased with the development.

The best thing about M-enabling is that the conference partially attracts new stakeholders to the world of accessibility, says Susanna Laurin. I hope we can keep that breadth when we take the conference to Europe in September.

At the M-Enabling Summit in Washington this June, Funka's Susanna Laurin contributes to the program:

In the context of a discussion about global trends, Susanna provides an update on European legislation, policy work and how these changes are effecting both the market and, in the long run, the profession of accessibility experts as well. Although it happens a lot on several fronts, Europe is perhaps the area where the greatest changes are taking place right now.

IAAP grows worldwide and more professionals choose to be certified. Susanna presents the latest news and upcoming plans for the Nordic chapter of IAAP, successfully lead by Frida Sandberg. Local chapters from India and England provide corresponding descriptions of their regions' activities.

In the track focusing on accessibility in higher education, Susanna contributes to a panel on procurement, evaluation and testing methods. To make higher education to works efficiently with accessibility is of course extra important as it helps people with disabilities to study further.

At the UN conference in New York later this week, Susanna participates in a panel discussion organized by UNESCO and G3ict. The subject is the higher education sector and Susanna's lecture deals with methods for implementing accessibility work in the business.

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