Nine months to meet the European regulations

The Web Accessibility Directive means that public sector websites and documents published after September 23, 2018 must fulfill requirements for accessibility no later than September 23, 2019. Furthermore, website owners are required to declare the level of accessibility in an accessibility statement published on the website. You might be in a slight hurry.

In 2020, websites published before September 23, 2018 need to meet the accessibility requirements and an accessibility statement needs to be published. This means that you need to know the status of accessibility of your websites and documents, which you can accomplish in several ways. For example:

  • demand of your suppliers to do the right thing
  • review the accessibility
  • train your staff

A combination of all three measures may be needed.


It is important to make demands on the suppliers, but it is not enough to hope that they will meet the requirements. To be sure, you must either ask the supplier to document that they meet the requirements or check that it is correct.


Of course, reviewing the level of accessibility provides the information you need to publish your accessibility statement, but it is a snapshot that can change quickly when the web is updated. In order for the interfaces to maintain or improve their level of accessibility, you need to give your employees tools to do the right thing, for example through training, instructions or manuals.


Internal competence on accessibility is necessary to ensure, test and maintain interfaces that work for everyone. The more your organization can manage on its own, the more successful you will be. It is substantially more resource-efficient to gradually educate and support your staff than to rely entirely on external competence.

At Funka, we have helped organizations become accessible for almost 20 years. We are deeply involved in the implementation of the legislation within the EU and our experts are co-authors of the standard that contains the minimum requirements to comply with the law.

Let's help you avoid criticism or fines!


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