Requirements on accessibility affect suppliers

Something has happened. For many years, the vast majority of our clients in EU countries have been public sector. Banks, insurance companies, media and big global corporations are certainly also on the list, but it is government agencies, municipalities, counties, regions, cultural institutions and universities who most oftenly turn to us for advice.

Lately, we have discovered a new and distinct trend, that a large number of suppliers to our "regular" clients, reach out for support. It has obviously happened before, but the increase is significant. In all likelihood, it has to do with the new legal situation.

It seems like more and more public sector organizations have begun to make demands on accessibility when procuring, says Frida Tonner, sales representative for commercial sector at Funka. This way, even the suppliers finally become aware of the need for accessibility.

So far, we have mainly seen the rise in suppliers that deliver documents, brochures, promotional materials and videos. Probably, suppliers of internal systems will also follow sooner or later, considering the Web Accessibility Directive.

It is satisfying that the requirements actually result in something this tangible, says Moa Glantz, accessibility expert at Funka. Everyone must do their part, if we are to achieve a more inclusive society.

Funka’s services to ICT providers include:

  • Training
  • Audits
  • Support in how to meet requirements
  • Quality assurance program


Frida Tonner

Title: Sales Representative


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