Time to comment on the WCAG 2.1 – Make your contribution!

Now is the opportunity for everyone to comment and influence the next version of WCAG. The working group welcomes comments and improvements to what will become WCAG 2.1. Read the latest draft now and make your voice heard before January 12th.

It is easy to complain about standards, but actually, we can all contribute and make them better, says Andreas Cederbom, Head of Analysis at Funka. The process for the next version of WCAG is open and transparent, so don’t just sit there, join the discussions!

The new success criteria in 2.1 covers low vision, cognition and mobile. The mobile parts get most attention since the harmonized EN-standard that the Web Accessibility Directive is pointing to will be updated with new requirements on mobile apps. This work is made in parallel, in a Special Task Force of ETSI, but the whole point is to align with the WCAG work.

After this public hearing ends on January 12, the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group will present a Candidate Recommendation. During the Candidate Recommendation period, the success criteria are tested, they need to be proven to work in real life. The result of this is called the Proposed Recommendation, which has to be approved by W3C members before the standard is final and released. Hopefully, this will happen in June this year.

Working draft of WCAG 2.1, opens in new window